No 73

Winter 1985

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Table of Contents

White Philharmonic Novels
John Newlove 5-12
Buzzing in A
Michael Kenyon 13-30
TV Interview;
On The Sundeck;

On The Driveway;

Stone Garden With Wasp
Gwladys Downes 31-34
A Gathering Off the Avenue Victor Hugo
Gary Gildner 35-38
Through An Ordinary Aperture;
Up In The Attic;

Happy Days
Elizabeth Gourlay 39-41
The Away Place
Noel Hudson 42-56
My Ego-Man
Gail Harris 57-59
If A Poem Could Walk;
Put a Finger to your Lips
Lorna Crozier 60-61
Zoe Landale 62
Black Winter Day;
A Miniature Elegy;


Child Walking in Sleep
Joyce Carol Oates 63-65
Print Dresses
Mary W. Riskin 66-71
Dear Parents, Sorry;


Hydroce-Falus Obs.
Heather Spears 72-75
Getting On
WM. B. Robertson 76-77
Gargoyle Song;
Red Tide
Paddy McCallum 78-79
& the Fur of Rabbit
Meredith Stricker 80
The Wolf-Woman
Jefferson Humphries 81-87
Lash House;
The Bay Bus;

Rich Red Bole With Leaf;

Sal and Andy
Andrea Nelles 88-91
The Art of Survival
Glen Downie 92
Birth of Sacrifice
Cecelia Frey 93
Art in the Morning
Libby Scheier 94
I(sabelle) in Love;
Where Anyone Can Come to Eat;

Selections from Believing in the World
Susan Yarrow 95-97
Sunrising Behind Me;
Young Boy at his Father's Funeral
Robert Allen 98-100
Miss Deal
A.M. Weiss 101-119

Full Issue

Winter 1985

Book Reviews

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale
Constance Rooke 120
Harriett Doerr, Stones for Ibarra
Constance Rooke 120-121
John David Morley, Pictures from the Water Trade: An Englishman in Japan
Constance Rooke 121-122
Bharati Mukherjee, Darkness
Constance Rooke 123
Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Nimrod's Tongue
Stephen Scobie 123
Leonard Cohen, Various Positions
Stephen Scobie 123-124
Gary Geddes, The Terracotta Army
Stephen Scobie 124-125
Kristjana Gunnars, The Night Workers of Ragnarök
Stephen Scobie 125
Claire Harris, Translation into Fiction
Stephen Scobie 125
Glen Sorestad, Hold the Rain in Your Hands: Poems New and Selected
Stephen Scobie 126
John Steffler, The Grey Islands: A Journey
Stephen Scobie 126-127
Lola Lemire Tostevin, Double Standards
Stephen Scobie 127
George Bowering, Craft Slices
Stephen Scobie 127
Linda Hutcheon, A Theory of Parody: the Teachings of Twentieth-Century Art Forms
Stephen Scobie 128
Robert E. Innis, ed., Semiotics: an Introductory Anthology
Stephen Scobie 128
Robert Scholes, Textual Power: Literary Theory and the Teaching of English
Stephen Scobie 128-129
Richard Shiff, Cézanne and the End of Impressionism
Stephen Scobie 129
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Cover Art

Granary Urns, Pompeii
Gary Kines

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