No 71

Summer 1985

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Table of Contents

Constance Rooke 5-9

A strange bird, the angel;

The cherub is a bolder creature;

The heads of the seraphim;

If you try to photograph an angel;

An angel looks like this:;

Sugar Boy BOY
Gail Harris 10-16
P.K. Page 17-21
Eleftherias Street;
Paleohora Wind;

Remembering Sheep
Erin Mouré 22-25
Glass Dialogue
Roberta Pêon 26
The Moth
A.F. Moritz 27
Navigator's Log;
The Man Who Rings the Bell
Judith Harway 28-29
The Bronze Miracle
Bill Gaston 30-46
Four Bean Stories;
This Prayer I Pray in the Spring
Diane Vreuls 47-53
The Onion Pickers;
Green Butterflies Ascending
Don Summerhayes 54-56
Real Silk
Ann (York) Lessingham 57
Evening on a half-mile lake
Roger Nash 58-59
A Plague on my Typewriter;
Socrates' Wife's Revenge
Melody Davis 60-63
The Gulf
Nicholas Mason-Browne 64
Heart on the Run
Jill Swartz 65-68
August 15
Gary Gildner 69-72
Father praying;

Michael Czuma 73-77
Fat Lady
Patrick Lawler 78-79
Everlasting Peace
Wolf Biermann 80
Night Run to Norfolk
Thomas Feeny 81
Rowing in Eden
Walter McDonald 82
Secret War
Greg Hollingshead 83-85
The King of the Zennos
Ana Maria Matute 86-98
19 Poems from Marilyn Monroe: Anyone Can See I Love You
Marilyn Bowering 99-125

Full Issue

Summer 1985

Book Reviews

Sandra Birdsell, Ladies of the House
Constance Rooke 126
Trevor Ferguson, Onyx John
Constance Rooke 126
Douglas Glover, Precious
Constance Rooke 126-127
David McFadden, Animal Spirits: Stories to Live By
Mike Matthews 127
David Lewis Stein, The Golden Age Hotel
Carol Matthews 128
Rosemary Sullivan, ed., Stories by Canadian Women
Constance Rooke 128-129
Audrey Thomas, Intertidal Life
Constance Rooke 129-130
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Over All the Obscene Boundaries: European Poems and Transitions
Stephen Scobie 131
Gary Gildner, Blue Like The Heavens: New & Selected Poems
Stephen Scobie 131
Phil Hall, A Minor Operation
Stephen Scobie 131
John Lent, Frieze
Stephen Scobie 131-132
Florence McNeil, Barkerville
Stephen Scobie 132
Al Purdy, Piling Blood
Stephen Scobie 132
Peter Scupham, Winter Quarters
John Cobley 132
Ron Smith, Seasonal
Stephen Scobie 132-133
Vernon Watkins, Unity of the Stream
John Cobley 133
Susan Stewart, On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection
Stephen Scobie 133
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David Tasker

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