No 70

Spring 1985

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Table of Contents

Constance Rooke 5
On John Metcalf: Taking Writing Seriously
Alice Munro 6-7
The Collector's Real
Keath Fraser 8-12
Photographs of John Metcalf and Family
Peter Milroy 13-16
Travelling Northward
John Metcalf 17-71
Photographs of Tony Calzetta's Paintings
Paul Buer 72-80
Paintings About Painting: Notes Towards an Essay on Tony Calzetta
John Metcalf 81-97
Rambling Through John Metcalf's "The Estuary"
Simone Vauthier 98-117
The Deflationary Structure in Metcalf's Novellas
Keith Garebian 118-130
Pastoral Restraint: An Essay on John Metcalf's The Lady Who Sold Furniture
Constance Rooke 131-145
Critical Complicity: The Ambiguities of General Ludd
George Woodcock 146-157

Full Issue

Spring 1985

Book Reviews

Timothy Findley, Not Wanted on the Voyage
Constance Rooke 158-159
Samuel R. Delany, Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
Stephen Scobie 159
The Fictive Collective, ed., Baker's Dozen: Stories by Women
Constance Rooke 159
Richard Taylor, Tender Only To One
Stephen Scobie 159-160
Guy Vanderhaeghe, My Present Age
Constance Rooke 160
Bert Almon, Deep North
Stephen Scobie 160
Margaret Atwood, Interlunar
Stephen Scobie 160-161
Roo Borson, The Whole Night, Coming Home
Stephen Scobie 161
Tony Curtis, Letting Go
John Cobley 161-162
Lorne Daniel & Peter Christensen, eds., Ride Off Any Horizon: New Poetry West
Margery Fee 162
Denise Levertov, Oblique Prayers
Stephen Scobie 162
Dorothy Livesay, Feeling the Worlds
Stephen Scobie 162-163
Michael Ondaatje, Secular Love
Stephen Scobie 163
Andre G. Bourassa, Surrealism and Quebec Literature: History of a Cultural Revolution, translated from the French by Mark Czarnecki
Neil B. Bishop 164-165
Estella Lauter, Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women
Margery Fee 165
David G. Pitt, E.J. Pratt: The Truant Years 1882-1927
Brian N.S. Gooch 165-166
Erika Ritter, Urban Scrawl
Constance Rooke 166
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Photo of Needy Park by Tony Calzetta

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