No 85

Winter 1988

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Table of Contents

Holley Rubinsky 5-21
It Came to This
Laurie Anne Whitt 22-23
The Good Bone;
The Habit of Seeing;

Vital Signs;

Dialectical Materialism
Rhea Tregebov 24-28
Old Men Swimming
Emilie Babcox 29-30
Sutra for Brinkman in Nepal
Monty Reid 31-33
The Weepers
Jennifer Mitton 34-44
The Kiss;
Angela Ball 45-47
A Jealous Ear Hears All Things
Rochelle Nameroff 48
against the clock
Barbara Carey 49-51
The Disordered Lyric;
"Jennie E. McDonald, 20th Birthday, Aug. 26, 1898";

The Marriage of Reverend Charles Kingsley;


You Search for History, I Read Jane Austen
Nancy Holmes 52-59
The Last Red Squirrel
William Bedford 60
Martin Waxman 61-67
An Early Day
Judith Pond 69-92
Sad Sack
Daniel Hayes 93-101
About the Cat;
Spring Poem;

Sympathetic Magic;

Finding Halley's Comet;

Snowlight on the Northwood Path;

Leaving the Island
Roo Borson 102-110
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Pepper;
Newton's Laws
Alan R. Wilson 111-115
Getting There;
Flower Farmer
Rennie McQuilkin 116-120
CLICK: A girl with two pails.
Bill Stenson 121-130

Full Issue

Winter 1988

Book Reviews

Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye
Constance Rooke 131-132
Neil Bissoondath, A Casual Brutality
Mark Anthony Jarman 132-133
Don DeLillo, Libra
Constance Rooke 134
Jay McInerney, Story of My Life
Catherine Hunter 134-135
Canadian Fiction Magazine: Native Issue Number 60, 1987
Lucy Bashford 135-137
Douglas Burnet Smith, Living in the Cave of the Mouth;
Douglas Burnet Smith, Ladder to the Moon
Stephen Scobie 139
Derk Wynand, Heat Waves
Sharon McCartney 139-140
Angela Bowering, Figures Cut in Sacred Ground: Illuminati in the Double Hook;
Philip Kokotailo, John Glassco's Richer World: Memoirs of Montparnasse
Stephen Scobie 141
Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines
Carol Matthews 142
W.R. Martin, Alice Munro: Paradox and Parallel
Michele Holmgren 143
Nigel Fabb, Derek Attridge, Alan Durant, and Colin MacCabe, eds., The Linguistics of Writing: Arguments between Language and Literature;
Imre Salusinszky, Criticism in Society
Stephen Scobie 144-145
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The Cone of Montmorency, as it Appeared in 1829, 1833
James P. Cockburn

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