No 83

Summer 1998

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Table of Contents

Getting Into Heaven: An Interview with Diana Hartog, Paulette Jiles, and Sharon Thesen
Constance Rooke 5-52
Sharon Thesen 57-82
Imaginations Companion
Phyllis Webb 83-88
The Barren Reach of Modern Desire: Intertextuality in Sharon Thesen's The Beginning of the Long Dash
Stephen Scobie 89-97
Paulette Jiles 101-114
An Armchair (Reader's) Companion to Club Cars and Ladies Crossing Canada by Train or Will the Real Picara Please Leave Town (Please Haul Ass)
Aritha van Herk 115-126
"we will try to act like human beings": Celestial Navigation as Anti-Authoritarian
Dennis Cooley 127-137
The Flight of Three White Boulders;

A Peridot;

Bannock Point;

The Guest;

In America the Silence Is Very Tiny;

Diana Hartog 141-160
Under "the nib of Poe's pen": Tropics of Love in Diana Hartog's Poetry
Smaro Kamboureli 161-175
Dis-closures: Diana Hartog's Surprises in Half-Light
Brian Edwards 176-183

Full Issue

Summer 1988

Book Reviews

Connie Gault, Some of Eve's Daughters
Cecilia Mavrow 185
Jim Harrison, Dalva
Sharon McCartney 185-186
Dany Laferrière, How to make love to a Negro
Constance Rooke 186
Doris Lessing, The Fifth Child
Constance Rooke 186-187
Jacques Poulin, Volkswagen Blues, trans. Sheila Fischman
Mark Anthony Jarman 187-188
David Adams Richards, Nights Below Station Street
Constance Rooke 188-189
James Salter, Dusk and Other Stories
Mark Anthony Jarman 189
Linda Spalding, Daughters of Captain Cook
Bronwen Wallace 189-191
Graham Swift, Out of This World
Constance Rooke 191-192
Martin Waxman, The Promised Land
Cecilia Mavrow 192
Glen Downie, An X-Ray of Longing
Marlene Cookshaw 193-194
Paulette Jiles, The Jesse James Poems
Stephen Scobie 194-195
The Lyric Paragraph: A Collection of Canadian Prose Poems, ed. Robert Allen
Clint Burnham 195-196
Joanne Kates, The Taste of Things
Mike Matthews 196
Robin Skelton, Memoirs of a Literary Blockhead
Peter J. Clark 197
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Paulette Jiles

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