No 82

Spring 1988

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Table of Contents

Keath Fraser 5-22
St. Vincent de Paul's;
Pacific Rim;

Last Steps
Jan Zwicky 23-32
Eight Portraits from B.C.
Sam Tata
Wonders of the World;
The Witness of Dry Plains
Walter McDonald 33-34
Last, I Suppose, Sextets;
Conversations with the Dead, Part III
Hillel Schwartz 35-37
One Good Story, That One
Thomas King 38-43
The Hips
B.P. Nichol 44-47
The Letter from America;
In-Flight Note;

Face for Casting;

Wild Shiners
Judith Rodriguez 48-53
You Call from Bermuda;

On the Day of My Death;

Morning After
Judith Pond 54-57
For Astrid;

In Air;

Old Tune
George Johnston 58-59

August Evening
Joyce Carol Oates 60-65
He Shouts Peas
Bruce Taylor 66-67
Daily Bread;
Birds, flight;

December 27th, 1938;

Facing Switzerland
David Manicom 68-75
In Progress
John Newlove 76-79
Jeff Worley 80-81
A Notion of Love
Wendell Block 82-89

Full Issue

Spring 1988

Book Reviews

Peter Behrens, Night Driving
Mark Anthony Jarman 91
Bruce Edmundson, Two Voices
Mark Anthony Jarman 91-92
Cynthia Flood, The Animals in Their Elements
Mark Anthony Jarman 92
Sylvia Fraser, My Father's House
Carol Matthews 92-93
Pauline Holdstock, The Blackbird's Song
Michael Kenyon 93-94
Diane Schomperlen, Frogs and Other Stories;
Diane Schomperlen, Hockey Night in Canada
Constance Rooke 94
Marvin Bell, New and Selected Poems
Sharon McCartney 95
Nicole Brossard, Sous La Langue / Under Tongue;
Nicole Brossard, Lovhers;

Betsy Warland, serpent (w)rite
Stephen Scobie 95-96
Maggie Helwig, Eden
Marlene Cookshaw 96-97
Roy Kiyooka, Pear Tree Pomes
Stephen Scobie 97
David McFadden, Gypsy Guitar
Jay Ruzesky 98-99
Patricia Young, All I Ever Needed Was A Beautiful Room
Marlene Cookshaw 99-100
Eleven Books
Stephen Scobie 101-105
Margaret Atwood, ed. and illus., The CanLit Foodbook
Mike Matthews 106
Sandra Djwa, The Politics of the Imagination: A Life of F.R. Scott
Margery Fee 106-108
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The Nuptial Plain, 1985
Rafael Goldchain

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