No 88

Fall 1989

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Fall 1989
White Buick
Greg Hollingshead 5-18
Four Poems for Anton Chekhov
Angela Ball 20-25
Luminous Emergency
Mary Di Michele 26-35
The Knife-Thrower's Partner
Douglas Burnet Smith 36-58
Farm Stuff
Caroline Woodward 59-61
Flat Black
Susan Mayse 62-66
Debbie Howlett 67-72
The Back Kitchen;
Practicing Bach;

The West Room;

Kleanza Creek
Jan Zwicky 73-77
Between Stars;



Marin Sorescu 78-83
Missing Persons
Elaine Auerbach 84-89
Thursday and Friday
Eric Young 90-92
Damsels in Distress;
Green Shadows;

Lord Vishnu;

Silent Shadows
David McFadden 93-97
Leaving Deer Lake by Air;
The Point of Combustion;

At the Pigi Café, Ano Potamia;

That Night We Were Ravenous
John Steffler 98-103
The Heifer
Joan Fern Shaw 104-112

Book Reviews

Russell Banks, Affliction
Constance Rooke 113
Terry Eagleton, Saints and Scholars
Evelyn Cobley 114-115
Bill Gaston, Deep Cove Stories
Michael Kenyon 115
John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany
Constance Rooke 115-116
Daphne Marlatt, Ana Historic
Jay Ruzesky 116-119
Helen Fogwell Porter, January, February, June, or July
Constance Rooke 119-120
Leon Rooke, How I Saved the Province;
Ann Rosenberg, Movement in Slow Time
Jay Ruzesky 120-121
Mildred Tremblay, Dark Forms Gliding
Mia Anderson 121-122
Roo Borson, Intent, or the Weight of the World
Marlene Cookshaw 122-123
John Oughton, Mata Hari's Lost Words;
Bruce Rice, Daniel;

Joseph Sherman, Shaping the Flame: Imagining Wallenberg;

Jim Smith, Translating Sleep: a Serial Meditation on and by Alexander Graham Bell
Stephen Scobie 123-126
David Stouck, ed. Ethel Wilson: Stories, Essays, Letters
Kathryn McCourt 126
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Three Windmills & a Mosque, 1988
Eva Wynand

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