No 87

Summer 1989

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Summer 1989
Twelve poems
Phyllis Webb 5-18
Keath Fraser 19-26
The Technology of Inertia
Kim Maltman 27-29
Invitation to Darkness;
The Afterlife of Shoes
Mary Di Michele 30-35
Fragments to Compose a Better World
Gail Fox 36-42
Terry Griggs 43-50
At the Horse Pavilion;
Four O'Clock, New Year's Morning, New River Beach
Elisabeth Harvor 51-54
Bald Head Island
Linda L. Fox 55
Contract Language;
Canzone: The Tree in Our Bed
Arnie Johnston 56-59
Bakersfield, CA, and How I Got There
Sharon Pywell 60-64
Four photographs
Roger Pfingston 65-68
Leaving the Emergency Room;

Demolitions II;

Demolitions III
Catherine Sasanov 69-72
Crossing the Bar
Maureen Harris 73-74
the fullerbrushman calls
Libby Oughton 75-77
Story of the Thousand Forced to Flee
Brian McCabe 78-79
The Face
Brian McCabe 80-84
Gary Anderson 85-88

Lyn King 89-91
For the Animals;

Breezes And
John Pass 92-96
The Snow was Burning
Elizabeth Hay 97-104
Rocky Creek Switchback Song;
After Bacon and Eggs With Duane
Stephan Torre 105-107
The Women of Yarrow;
Sunday Services
Leonard Neufeldt 108-109
Marriage Song
Nicholas Von Maltzahn 110-111
Monet's Grainstacks
Martha Hackman 112
My Father Took a Cake to France
Cynthia Flood 113-124

Book Reviews

Hortense Calisher, Age
Constance Rooke 125
Bruce Chatwin, Utz
Constance Rooke 125-126
Joan Clark, The Victory of Geraldine Gull
Constance Rooke 126
Trevor Ferguson, The Kinkajou
Michael Kenyon 126-127
Nora Keeling, A Fine and Quiet Place
Anthony Jarman 127-128
David Plante, The Native
Constance Rooke 128
E. Annie Proulx, Heart Songs and Other Stories
Mark Anthony Jarman 128-129
Daryl Hine, Arrondissements
Stephen Scobie 130
Salma Khadra Jayyusi, ed. The Literature of Modern Arabia: An Anthology
Steve Noyes 130-131
Laurence Lieberman, The Creole Mephistopheles
Mark Anthony Jarman 131
Heather Spears, The Word for Sand
Stephen Scobie 132
Jennifer Dickson, The Hospital for Wounded Angels
John Cobley 133
Vicki Hearn, Adam's Task: Calling Animals by Name
Evelyn Cobley 133-134
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Simon Desrochers

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