No 93

Winter 1990

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Winter 1990
Acceptable Door Prizes
Eliza Clark 5-15
Man Living on a Side Creek
Stephan Torre 16-21
A Matter of Transportation
Elaine Hammond 22-29
Richard Lemm 30-31
Song About a Rich Man's Trout
Roi Paes de Ribela 32
For My Daughter;
Lyn King 33-34
Birthday Song;
Gary Atlin 35-36
John O'Neill 37
Summer Rites;
Think Like a Weightlifter, Think Like a Woman;

The Little Poem
Kate Braid 38-43
Cottage Yellow
Jean McKay 44-51
Elisabeth Harvor 52-66
Phantom Pain
Jennifer Mitton 67-72
Dürer for Children
Marjorie Stelmach 73-103
Mary Swan 104-112
In the Presence of an Ideal
Margaret Barrett 113-116

Book Reviews

Lee Gowan, Going to Cuba
Richard Lemm 117-118
Arnold Itwaru, Shanti
Constance Rooke 118-119
Sky Lee, Disappearing Moon Café
Constance Rooke 119
Alice Munro, Friend of My Youth
Mike Matthews 119-121
Bronwen Wallace, People You'd Trust Your Life To
Barbara McLean 121-122
Jeannette Winterson, Sexing the Cherry
Carol Matthews 122
Michael Redhill, Impromptu Feats of Balance
Jay Ruzesky 124-125
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Red Raleigh, 1989
Joseph Hoh

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