No 91

Summer 1990

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Summer 1991
Holley Rubinsky 5-40



It's Raining;

Starting the Tape
Roo Borson 41-47
Fire and Water;
Jan Conn 48-51
Sleep Movements of Leaves;
Toni Sammons 52-63
Surfer Joe Among the Fishes
Mark Anthony Jarman 64-69
Night Game
Don Coles 70-72
Stonecrop: Notes Towards an Elegy
Rhea Tregebov 73-75
Median with Weeds;
Reasons for Winter
Naomi Guttman 76-77
On Audubon's Passenger Pigeon;
Calling Down the Geese
Henry J. Hughes 78-79
Portrait of My Mechanic in Full Sunlight
Kim Roberts 80
Sitting Bull at Standing Rock;
Sitting Bull's Last Love Song
Mavor Moore 81-83
Selections from SKY
Libby Scheier 84-87
Patrick Kavanagh 88-97

Book Reviews

Marilyn Bowering, To All Appearances A Lady
Renee Hulan 99
Kristjana Gunnars, The Prowler
Michael Kenyon 100
Janette Turner Hospital, Charades
Linda Warley 101-102
Janice Kulyk Keefer, Travelling Ladies
Constance Rooke 102
Jane Urquhart, Changing Heaven
Aritha Van Herk 102-104
Sallie Bingham and Frederick Smock, eds. No Known Pattern
Marlene Cookshaw 104-105
Marlene Cookshaw, The Whole Elephant
Sharon McCartney 105-106
Judith Pond, An Early Day
Jay Ruzesky 106
Al Purdy, The Woman on the Shore
Jay Ruzesky 107
Tomson Highway, The Rez Sisters
Margery Fee 107-109
Tomson Highway, Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing
Lucy Bashford 109-110
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