No 96

Fall 1991

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Fall 1991
Hungry Ghosts
Louise Young 5-14
Underwater Carpentry
Brian Bartlett 15-25
Domestic Furies
Thomas King 26-33
Isle of Demons
Janice Kulyk Keefer 34-50
Many Mothers
Beverley Daurio 51-63
Soldiers sleeping in one another's arms;

Richard Harrison 64-67
Disease Without a Name
Greg Johnson 68
A Gathering of Men
Dorothy Brown (Howe) 69-70
The Swans
Laurel Trivelpiece 71
How Long Will It Last?
Elisabeth Harvor 72-74
Love at the Five and Dime
Margaret Almon 75
a narration of everything
Cornelia C. Hornosty 76

April Bulmer 77-80
Bruce Grierson 81
Missing You
Athena George 82-103

Book Reviews

Rita Donovan, Dark Jewels
Barbara McLean 104-105
Anne Michaels, Miner's Pond
Jay Ruzesky 105-106
Patricia Young, Those Were The Mermaid Days
Margot K. Louis 106-107
Gatherings: The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples Volume I, Issue I
Lucy Bashford 108
Rosemary Sullivan, By Heart: Elizabeth Smart a Life
Constance Rooke 108-109
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Maria Ingram Braucht

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