No 95

Summer 1991

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Summer 1991
When the Flatfish Come to Dinner
Caroline Koeppel 5-12

At Two in the Morning, Say,;

Mowing the Lawn & Putting It Off;

Float Plane
Derk Wynand 13-21
Trillium grandiflorum
Crispin Elsted 22-23
out there;
the power of memory;

a wire kiss
Barbara Carey 24-29
Ralph's Mother
Knute Skinner 30
Quiet and Listening
Ann Darby 31-49
The Artist's Wife;

Gender Specific;

Double Take
Angela Ball 50-57
After the Miracle;

Rebecca McClanahan 58-61
The Astonishing Weight of the Dead;
Thirteenth Month;

Woman Who Calls Horses
Tom Wayman 62-67
Blue Light, Bay and College;

Date of Departure;

Kathleen McCracken 68-72
Life in the Country
Jan Thornhill 73-82
Peter Prest 83
photon scanner (blue spruce)
Erin Mouré 84-93
Gretel II;

Gretel III
Tom Crawford 94-97
This Morning I Find Myself Waiting;
On Any Given Day
Dieter Weslowski 98-99
George McWhirter 100-113
An Epistle in Verse to Robert Melançon
George Johnston 114-122

Book Reviews

Michael Kenyon, Kleinberg
Carol Matthews 123-124
Rohinton Mistry, Such a Long Journey
Constance Rooke 124-125
Karen Connelly, The Small Words In My Body
Jay Ruzesky 125-126
Don McKay, Night Field
Jay Ruzesky 126
Erin Mouré, WSW
Stephen Scobie 126-127
Phyllis Webb, Hanging Fire
Marlene Cookshaw 127-128
Seven books
Jay Ruzesky 128-128
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Succede a pianofidi fiamme nere/It Happens to Pianos with Black Flames, 1983
Enzo Cucchi

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