No 100

Fall 1992

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Fall 1992
The time I heard the private Donald J. Rankin string concerto with one discordant violin, by the American composer John Morton
Yann Martel 5-34
After Hearing Satyagraha, an Opera, by Philip Glass;
The Trick;

A Part;

The Hologram
P.K. Page 35-41
Letter from Portugal
Marilyn Bowering 42-43
The Black Bull;
Spider Web;

Cruelty to Animals
Diana Hartog 44-46
The Vetricciolis
Fabio Morabito 47-52
from Interludes
Keath Fraser 53-64
Garbage Dump Child;
Doma Ester's #1;

The China Wall
Rafael Goldchain 65-67
Jennifer Waelti-Walters 68-69
Michael Ondaatje 70-71
Maria Ingram Braucht 72
from The Last Things
Linda Spalding 73-75
from The English Patient
Michael Ondaatje 76-77
Jacob Blue-Dog
Constance Rooke 78-80
13 Views, a Pastorale
Sharon Thesen 81-93
Durable Tumblers
Michael Kenyon 94-110
Starlings One August;
The Uncommon Flowers;

Derk Wynand 111-114
Out There
Dionne Brand 115-119
The Last Real Indian;
Nishnawbe at Kentucky Fried
Duncan McCue 120-124
Real Snow
Elizabeth Hay 125-133
Nine poems
Janice Kulyk Keefer 134-151
The Woman from Red Deer Who Went to Johannesburg, Set Herself Afire, and Leapt Four Floors to her Apparent Death
Leon Rooke 152-164
Among the Yellow Lilies; Raking the Moon; Another Tangerine; A Treeless Country; The Gift
Patricia Young 165-172
Reprints; Stone's Throw; Snakes & Wrenches; Kampuchea by the Weekend; Timing Your Run
Julie Bruck 173-178
Sergei Krikalev on the Space Station Mir;
Groundhog Day;

Painting the Yellow House Blue
Jay Ruzesky 179-186
The Discovery of Honey
Terry Griggs 187-196
The Mother of All Things;
The Steam Shovel
Brunella Antomarini 197-203
Nancy Cunard
Angela Ball 204-217
A Change is as Good as a Rest
Diane Schoemperlen 218-226
Rose Toast
Meeka Walsh 227-232
from The Shambles
Mia Anderson 233-263
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Nocturne, 1991-92
Walter Bachinski

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