No 109

Winter 1994

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Winter 1994
Elise Levine 5-13
Childhood: Summer Night;
Notes on a Lost Poem, 1993;

Like Any Lost Thing
Elisabeth Harvor 14-18
Two Biblical Sonatas
Allan Brown 19-21
Saving Eve's Father
Bill Gaston 22-31
Workaholic Addresses His Wife;
Workaholic Says Goodbye to Daughter;

The Father of the Workaholic
David Zieroth 32-37
Absolute Zero
Harold Rhenisch 38-40
Train. Camels. Sponges.
Jan Conn 41-42
The Fish Machine
Hannah Landecker 43-48
An Incident from the War of 1812
Eric Miller 49-50
Woman of the Island;
Gold Seal, Raw Silk;

The Infolded Question
Steve Noyes 51-53
Geranium Lake;
John Donlan 54-55
The Bathroom Series;
Gabriele Guenther 56-57
The Meaning of an End
Stephen Henighan 59-69
Surprised by the Flood;
Someone Who Rode Horses;

Mother Board
Linda Rogers 70-74
At Catwalk Level
Ron Charach 75
Maureen Gordon 76
Annie Edson Taylor;
Her Own Breath
Elizabeth Ukrainetz 77-79
Bleeding Hearts
Barry Dempster 80-82
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi 83-87
Academy Performance
John Barton 88-90
Thanksgiving in an Old House
Brian Bartlett 91-92
Old Mother
Leon Rooke 93-95
Child of the Times;
A Conversation of Blackbirds
Sue Wheeler 96-97
Educating Planaria;

Anne M. Kelly 98-100
Columba the Dove;
Circinus the Compasses;

Horologium the Clock
Alan R. Wilson 101-103
Lenin's Mother
Janice Kulyk Keefer 104-111

Book Reviews

Julie Bruck, The Woman Downstairs;
Karen Connelly, This Brighter Prison: A Book of Journeys;

J.A. Hamilton, Steam Cleaning Love
Jay Ruzesky 112-116
P.K. Page, Hologram
Marlene Cookshaw 116-118
Gail Anderson-Dargatz, The Miss Hereford;
Gayla Reid, To Be There with You
Allan Brown 118-121
Joan Fern Shaw, Frank & Annie;
Joan Fern Shaw, Managing Just Fine;

Joan Fern Shaw, Raspberry Vinegar
Michael Kenyon 121-125
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Cover Art

Morning Walk
Frank Minogue

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