No 107

Summer 1994

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Table of Contents

Derk Wynand 7-8
A Sequence
Albert Wendt 9-18
Shimmer Chinodya 19-32
David Dabydeen 33-35
This May Be a Train
Jennifer Rahim 36-37
The Old Lieutenant's Charm;
With Cancer and with Child
Rajandaye Ramkissoon-Chen 38-39
Speaking of Bunty
Manini Nayar 40-45
Wearing the Trousers
Tony Curtis 46
Someone in My Room
Jayanta Mahapatra 47-49
The Statue Hungers;

Poem of Dissociation 7;

Poem of Dissociation 12;

Seeing So Often the Statue of the Poet Belli
Philip Salom 50-56
Earl McKenzie 57-64
Slate Workers
Bruce Beaver 65
The Village;
Vaughan Williams--One of His Tunes
Robin Fulton 66-67
The Guest Speaker Speaks;
Summer, Golden Bay
Lauris Edmond 68-69
Govind Dev Temple, Vrindavan;
April's Air
Sudeep Sen 70-71
The Library Book
Angus Martin 72-75
Carracci's Self-Portrait;
The Prey
Philip Hodgins 76-77
Hawker Centre: Dramatis Personae
Leong Liew Geok 78-79
School Play
Hazel Simmons-McDonald 80-81
The Manawatu;
Driving to Kosciusko, Away from Academics
Lawrence Bourke 82-84
Eleanor Wachtel 85-102
Lizard, Iguana, Chameleon, Salamander;
An India of the Soul;


Sujata Bhatt 103-110
A Teacher's Love
Abdulla Sadiq 111-114
An Uproar
Sanskritirani Desai 115
Karate Class;
A Whole Day's Rain
Elizabeth Smither 116-117
The Poem
Peter Finch 118-119
from Nehru's Children
Rukun Advani 120-124
Day after Day
Iain Chrichton Smith 125-126
Storm Lobsters;
Water and Wire
Jean Earle 127-128
Drinking and Driving;
Serowe Village;

The Lands
Mokwaledi Gontshwanetse 129-131
The Kgotla Meeting
Keeme Mosinyi 132
My Village
Marshall Mokgadi 133
The Village
Reginald Keatschole 134
Dung Beetle
Velius Ndaba 135
Mine Boys
Rantefe Mothebe 136
Segakweng Seisa 137-141
Detail from "Ritual of the River";
Hedge Trimming
Edward Baugh 142-143
Hallucination of a Refugee;
War Bulletins
Syl Cheney-Coker 144-145
The Australian Crawl;
Folk Song
Robert Adamson 146-149
Clive Watkins 150-152
Love Ash
Asenath Bole Odaga 153-162
Deryn Rees-Jones 163-165
Bluegrass awdl;
Climbing with the wrong person
John Davies 166-167
from Making the World Revolve
Alan Wearne 168-169
Alecia McKenzie 171-174
On Angels
Paola Bilbrough 175
Paul Henry 176-177
"Do Poor Tom Some Charity"
Tim Liardet 178-179
The Silver Cylinder
Madulu Mohamed Waheed 180-185
The Sunday the Power Went Off
Duncan Bush 186-187
Guided Tour;
Antigone Kefala 188-189
November in Angus;
G.F. Dutton 190-191
Kipsy Loce Pok
Willi Chen 192-195
Sweetness (Trefeca Fawr)
Ruth Bidgood 196-197
There Is Only One;
Variations on a theme by Saint John of the Cross
Gregory O'Brien 198-200
the visitor
Edwin Thumboo 201-203
Gillian Mears 204-215
For Audre Lorde
Molara Ogundipe-Leslie 216-224

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Summer 1994
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