No 106

Spring 1994

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Table of Contents

Effort of Love;

Depression in Debrecen
Susan Musgrave 5-11
The Day Mandori Died
Karen Connelly 12-26
Gloss on a Text of John Ashbery's
Keith Maillard 27-28
The River Industry of Ants;
Brain Sketch
Maureen Hynes 29-31
Lament for Odysseus;
Anne Callan 32-34
In Paradisum
Judith Pond 35-36
Interpretation Seven: a thesis proposal
Jaime Moreno Villarreal 37-41
War on a Round Planet
Tom Wayman 42-44
Near Jack's Pond Park;
David Donnell's Schlong
Michael Crummey 45-47
Harold Rhenisch 48-49
A Saturday in Oxford Place, Cul-De-Sac
Alan Beard 50-56
A quiconque a perdu ce qui ne se retrouve jamais, jamais;
Quelquefois dans un beau jardin;

D'avoir cédé sur son désir
Barbara Folkart 57-59
Chicken Boy
John Barton 60-62
Sari Shop, Bangalore
Sue Wheeler 63-64
The Queen of Saxony
Barbara Lambert 65-75
Jim Lyons 76
what they could tell me
Beth Goobie 77-79

Shannon Stewart 80-82
Marilyn Gear Pilling 83-90
Things That Are Taught;
Ironic Photograph of Lost Love;

The Fall
Mary Cameron 91-93
Lynn Kozlowski 94-98
Cleopatra's Nose
Michael Hetherington 99-100
Trouble in the Graveyard (another poem for war-time);
Talk Like A Wire
Maggie Helwig 101-106
Round River
Lorna Jackson 107-118

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Spring 1994
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Ossicles from the skin of a sea cucumber Parastichopus leukothele
Phil Lambert

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