No 110

Spring 1995

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Spring 1995
In the Shadows of the Margalla Hills
Sorayya Y. Khan 5-70
In Winter
Sarah Kirsch 71
Lorna Crozier 72-73
Biographical Note
Rose Ausländer 74-75
the wheels;
empty coat
Patrick Friesen 76-77
Prague Quartet
Kjell Espmark 78-83
Free Translation of Mahler's "Ging Heut' Morgen übers Feld";
Anton Brucker: Fourth Symphony, First Movement
Ken Howe 84-85
Rite of Passage;

Green Totem: '43
Susanne Kort 86-89
Early Instruments;
To Speak of Paths;



Don McKay 90-95
Craig Poile 96
Trout Spawning at Lardeau River
Mike Doyle 97-99
Stephanie Bolster 100-101
August Fast;
Mohammed's Coat
Cellan Jay 102-103
You are here, the sign says
Barbara Colebrook Peace 104-105
Two Poems from Transparent Waiting
Annie Reniers 106-107
Li--The Clinging, Fire
Jane Southwell Munro 108
city of recorded space
Anne F. Walker 109
from Moving Week
Brian Wickers 110-111
Walking on Fire;
Night Road
Sina Queyras 112-113
At the Pool
Miranda Pearson 114-115
The Picnic;
A Strange and Terrible Thing;

In the Museum the Hominid Speaks to Her Lover
Patricia Young 116-122

Book Reviews

John Pass, The Hour's Acropolis;
John Pass, Radical Innocence
Allan Brown 123-126
Richard Harrison, Fathers Never Leave You;
Richard Harrison, Recovering the Naked Man;

Richard Harrison, Hero of the Play
Richard Lemm 126-131
Rai Berzins, Cerberus
Lorna Jackson 131-132
Natalia Ginzburg, All Our Yesterdays;
Natalia Ginzburg, Four Novellas;

Natalia Ginzburg, The Little Virtues;

Natalia Ginzburg, The Road to the City and The Dry Heart
Carol Matthews 133-137
Idries Shah, The Commanding Self
P.K. Page 137-139
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Boy Running
Francis Sullivan

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