No 111

Summer 1995

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Summer 1995
The Rosary Sonatas
Barbara Nickel 5-17
The Bones of the Foot
Carol Windley 18-32
About Her Love
Lennart Sjögren 33
Rest on the Flight into Egypt
A.F. Moritz 34-36
Untitled, 1986'
Zsuzsi Gartner 37-47
Ladies of Dim Time;
She-lagh: Blue;

Kim Robinson 48-51
Do you want to see the one on my wrist?;
Wednesdays at the Kerrisdale Pool;

I never looked anything like Farrah Fawcett;

Suzanne Buffam 52-55
Thessaloniki Train Station;
Night Near Trikala
Russell Thornton 56-58
Wayson Choy 59-65
Border Station
Jan Zwicky 66-69
Dry Heat
Greg Gilbert 70-76
From kom inte och säg (don't come and tell me don't come and say)
Karin Bellman 77
Rebild Hills, Denmark;
Pia Jensen 78-80
Monster Gaps
Gregor Robinson 81-91
Judith Pond 92
Poems from Den döde andas (The Dead Man Breathes)
Staffan Söderblom 93-95
Robyn Sarah 96-101
a strip-tease artist
William Lynch 102-105
Esta Spalding 106-118

Book Reviews

John Barton, Designs from the Interior
Jay Ruzesky 119-120
Barbara Carey, The Ground of Events
Marlene Cookshaw 121-122
K.D. Miller, A Litany in Time of Plague;
Jennifer Mitton, Sleeping with the Insane
Terence Young 122-125
Joe Rosenblatt, Beds & Consenting Dreamers
William Lynch 125-126
James Reaney, Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass
Mike Matthews 126-129
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Frank Minogue

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