No 112

Fall 1995

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Fall 1995
Robert Finley 5-14
Marianne Bluger 15
The Tower
Marjorie Stelmach 16-23
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high;
You're gonna spread your wings, and take to the sky
Susan Glickman 24-25
A Really Good Joke
Michelle Berry 26-32
The Straits of Florida;
Dreamland Cuba
David McFadden 33-37
Two a.m.;
Tim Bowling 38-39
Andrew Gray 40-42
Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?
Elyse Gasco 43-54
Ewen Douglas Cornish 55
Brian Bartlett 56-67
Beware of Dog
Patricia Nolan 68-76
Wedding in the garden
Roger Nash 77-79
Flight into Egypt;
Love Song from a Medieval Songbook (1511);

Deux déjeuners sur l'herbe
Barbara Folkart 80-83
Sink to Stove
Robert Ruttan 84-86
The Stingy Couple
Giuseppe Pontiggia 87-92
from Legends of Tongue
Méira Cook 93-95
Fall Planting;
The Call of the Father
Gary J. Langguth 96-98
April's Fools;
Plateau Mont Royal: A Few Particulars, 8th of August;

Robyn Sarah 99-103
The Rose Girl
Melissa Hardy 104-117

Book Reviews

Melissa Hardy, Constant Fire
Lorna Jackson 118-119
Robert Mullen, Americas;
Patricia Robertson, City of Orphans
Robert Finley 120-124
John Reibetanz, Morning Watch
John Harley 124-125
Ken Gass, Claudius;
Jason Sherman, Three in the Back, Two in the Head
Michael MacLennan 125-128
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Blue Nude II, 1993
Sarah Gee

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