No 118

Spring 1997

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Spring 1997
The Age of Clowns
Steven Heighton 5-12
Days of Summer
Patricia Young 13-15
Witch of the Wildwood
Barbara Frischmuth 16-22
The moon on Friday night
Susan Goyette 23

Into Dark;

Painting, Untitled
John D. Kennedy 24-27
The Ninth Chair
Brian Panhuyzen 28-35
El Modulo, the Round House;
The Dark Blue River
Nancy Ross 36-37
Ignorant Song;
John Donlan 38-39
Belief Is on the Decline
Gillian Johnson 40-47
Invited In;
In the First Week of June;

John Steffler 48-51
Derek McCormack 52-54
The End of the Marriage;
A Winter's Tale
Desmond Graham 55-57
adios piazzola
Carmen Rodriguez 58-60
Eleanor Wachtel 61-73
The Beautiful Voice of the Undertaker;
The Older Man;

The Man Who Invented the Turn Signal
David Zieroth 74-81
Jane Eaton Hamilton 82-92
John Allison 93-97
Three Ways of Reading
Gabrielle Guenther 98-99
Karen Keeley Wiebe 100-103
Sea Beach Raga
Arthur Bull 104-105
What the Wolf Is
John O'Neill 106-107
Dogleg to the Right
W.J. Smart 108-116

Book Reviews

Steve McCaffery, The Cheat of Words
Kent Lewis 117-119
Heather Spears, The Panum Poems
Patricia Abram 119-120
Gail Anderson-Dargatz, The Cure for Death by Lightning
Carol Matthews 120-123
Timothy Findley, The Stillborn Lover;
Timothy Findley, The Trials of Ezra Pound
Michael MacLennan 123-127
Per Brask, ed., Contemporary Issues in Canadian Drama;
Per Brask, ed., Essays on Kushner's Angels
Michael MacLennan 127-130
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Sea of Galilee, 1995
Phyllis Webb

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