No 119

Summer 1997

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Summer 1997
Hawthornden Improvisations
Brian Bartlett 5-21
An Account of How I Stole Our Monastery's Relics
Marnnie Blair 22-29
Taste Is;
Coming Out of Malaria
Beth Simon 30-31
Shelley Darjes 32-36
Robert Druce 37
The Unknown Poet
Judith Cowan 38-48
Winter Divagations in a Japanese Garden
Iain Higgins 49-51
To a Girl with a Satchel
Mary Leader 52-53
Ed Leeflang 54-55
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Susanne Kort 56
Sidebar to the Judiciary Proceedings, the Nurnberg War Trials, November 1945
Leon Rooke 57-66
I and the Village
Julie Dennison 67
Time Meets the Wooden Rooster
Lesley Elliott 68-69
Make Strange. Be True.;
In Contrivance
Robert Farnsworth 70-75
The Light That Fell Behind Him
Sandra Sabatini 76-85
Doze Zone
Robyn Sarah 86
Paul Finn 87
Christopher Patton 88-89
Tonight, Black Ants;

Since Dreams Do Not Lie,;


This Goodbye Saying,;

Late Autumn
Dieter Weslowski 90-92
Amber Hayward 93
In the Sudden Lights
James Warner 94-95
Dairy Queen
Michael Miller 96-105
Deux personnages dans la nuit
Stephanie Bolster 106-115

Book Reviews

Meira Cook, A Fina Grammar of Bones;
Meira Cook, Toward a Catalogue of Falling
Amy Barratt 116-118
Marilyn Dumont, A Really Good Brown Girl
Barbara Carey 118-119
Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen, Clay Birds;
Vivan Marple, I Mention in the Garden for Clarity;

Jane Munro, Grief Notes & Animal Dreams
Allan Brown 119-122
Eden Robinson, Traplines;
Richard Van Camp, The Lesser Blessed
Lorna Jackson 123-125
Meeka Walsh, The Garden of Earthly Intimacies
Michael Kenyon 125-126
Alberto Manguel, A History of Reading
Mike Matthews 126-129
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The Four Elements, "Sign and Clouds," 1992
Alicia Candiani

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