No 120

Fall 1997

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Fall 1997
A Word in Your Ear
Don McKay 7-8
Bow Tie
Eric Miller 9
M.A.C. Farrant 10-11
Biographer's Widow;
The Noose
A.F. Moritz 12-13
How to Keep a Snake
Christine Erwin 14-21
A Sad Day;
Tom Wayman 22-26
Verandah Dreams
Susan Stenson 27
The City with No Women;
Shaena Lambert 28-31
On the Steps of the Met
Stephanie Bolster 32-33
End the Journey
Shree Ghatage 34-45
Money: A Love Poem
Tim Bowling 46
Coffee, Cream, Grits with Butter
Kathryn Staley 47-49
Sixty Days of Rain;

Peace Road Mountain;

Literary criticism;

The Prince
Pain Not Bread 50-57
Up River
Peter Bradbury 58-71
Grandpa and the Snake;
Grandmother in the Home
Roberta Livingstone 72-75
Portraits of a Lady
Erling Friis-Baastad 76
Leaving the Land/Memory
Bernice Friesen 77
Wintering in Cork
Seamus O Ceallaigh 78-79
Adam and Eve;
Hannah J. Main-Van der Kamp 80-81
Margaret Has Moved
Michelle Berry 82-91
Banish Fear and Despair;
With Sharon;

Jane Southwell Munro 92-94
Across the house
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi 95-97
The Leading Edge
Mike Barnes 98-100
S.K. Johannesen 101-114
Matisse's Windows;
The Trouble with Nightingales
Alice Friman 115-117
Dumb Flesh
H. Mel Malton 118-120

Book Reviews

Crispin Elsted, Climate and the Affections
John Harley 121-123
Don McKay, Apparatus
Jay Ruzesky 123-124
Elizabeth Hay, Small Change
Robert Finley 124-127
Andrew Pyper, Kiss Me;
Rachel Wyatt, The Day Marlene Dietrich Died
Lorna Jackson 127-128
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Cover Art

Hatshepsut's Temple, Egypt
Jennifer Waelti-Walters

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