No 121

Winter 1997

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Winter 1997
Singin' Joy to the World
Natasha Waxman 5-18
Nogales Prostitutes;
The Shop
Russell Thornton 19-21
Chez Giovanni
Russell Smith 22-43
The Islands of Art
Don Coles 44-47
Autobiography of a Marriage
Norma E. Depledge 48-55
Invitation to Death by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning;
Invitation to Perfume;

Invitation to the Funeral
Mary Di Michele 56-59
David McConnell 60-62
Eleanor Wachtel 63-81
The Downed Pilot
Andrew Gray 82-83
A woman is making
Sue MacLeod 84-85
Sleeping Arrangements
Will Goede 86-93
Speaking in Tongues
Anita Willis 94
Rabindranath Sookhraj Ramah 95-101
She Did Some Laundry
Maxianne Berger 102-103
Gudman's Land;
John Burnside 104-105
The Sorts of Things a Man Should Know;
There Is a Way to Do This
Sean Johnston 106-111
Cricket Inside My Thumb;
Living Inside Elephant Skin
Stephen Frech 112-113
William Lynch 114-117

Book Reviews

Michael Redhill, Asphodel
Amy Barratt 118-119
Daphne Marlatt, Taken
Lorna Jackson 120
Colleen Wagner, The Monument;
Rachel Wyatt, Crackpot
Michael MacLennan 121-124
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To my friends…from Victoria Ocampo
Silvia Bonet

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