No 125

Winter 1998

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Winter 1998
Kinds of Blue #41: Far Hills;
Finger Pointing at the Moon;

Nocturnal Migrants;

Song for the Song of the White-throated Sparrow
Don McKay 5-10
Lisa Baker 11-13
Chasing the Pear;
When I bend at the waist
Susan Gillis 14-15
History of Red
Elizabeth Philips 16-17
A View
Kenneth Sherman 18
Another Hill
Alexandra Thurman 19-21
Soft Spot
Vivette J. Kady 22-29
Banana Flower;
This Hellespont
Benjamin Scott Grossberg 30-35
Constance Merritt 36-37
An Old Man, Waiting
John Newlove 38
Naked to the Bone
Joyce Nelson 39
Martin Malone 40-45
Paying Attention;

Nicola Aimé 46-49
An Unsettling History Class
Aladar Laszloffy 50
That's My Story, and I'm Sticking to It;

What Do You Call This?
Carmine Starnino 51-53
In Carnation
Gerald Hill 54
Coming Home
Christopher A. Taylor 55-68
Buying a Horse
M. Arnott 69
Elegy for the Given;
Really Good Run (Elegy);

Elegy for the Light;

Teacup Elegy
Rhea Tregebov 70-73
How Much Worse Things Look When a Stranger's in the House
Billie Livingston 74-82
From the Boy Scout Manual
Troy Jollimore 83
The Graveyard Picnic
Rebecca Lilly 84-85
Into Winter;
Quietness Begins as Rain
Judith Pond 86-87
Songs from the Grasshopper's Violin
Nick Sumlak 88-92
Summer Rain;
Hawthornden Processional
Karen Mulhallen 93-98
Collecting, Bay of Islands, 1998;

It is a blue dome
John Steffler 99-104
Cod Liver Oil
Stan Dragland 105-115
Michael Ondaatje, Handwriting
Jay Ruzesky 118-119

Book Reviews

Stephanie Bolster, White Stone: The Alice Poems
Barbara Colebrook Peace 116-118
Dayv James-French, What Else Is a Heart For?
Anne Fleming 120-121
Murray Logan, The King of Siam
Joan Givner 121-122
Carmen Rodríguez, and a body to remember with
Lucy Bashford 122-123
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Untitled "cherry" detail from Paintings for Brightly Lit Rooms ,1995
Wanda Koop

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