No 124

Fall 1998

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Falll 1998
Permissible Words
Joan Givner 5-12
The Hour of the Crane;
Small Birds as Rare as Wisdom;

The Window;

The Floor;

The Rug;

The Sound;

The Attic;

The Bathroom
Patrick Lane 13-20
Winter Olympics
Sonnet L'Abbé 21-22
W. Mark Giles 23-29
Pleased at what we have become;
Shaena Lambert 30-31
In the Presence of Limestone
John Allison 32-33
The Girl at Scara Brae
Al Purdy 34-35
The Moon from Estonia;
For Julie
Aubri Keleman 36-39
Accordingly my personal experience and also very thank you Tillie Olsen
Norma De Pledge 40-44
I'm Outside on the Bricks;
Yellow Sun Dress;

Nickels in a Cup
Sharon McCartney 45-49
Ghost Story for December;
Now every morning
Alice Friman 50-52
Medea's Questions;

A Short History of Wrists
Judith Pond 53-55
The Navel;

Heat Effects
Sue Sinclair 56-58
The Picnic
Louise Young 59-66
A Plight;

Orioles in the Woods, Oxen in the Pastures;

Guide to the New Life
Angela Ball 67-70
Theodore Kiesselbach 71-72
The Baboons of Hada
Eric Ormsby 73-75
Metal Fatigue
Mark Sinnett 76-77
Your Head Is Beautiful
Duane Williams 78-79
Planting A Garden
Alpay Ulku 80-82
Diaphanous Is a Good Word for You
Michael Winter 83-99

Book Reviews

Elisabeth Harvor, The Long Cold Green Evenings of Spring;
Laura Lush, Fault Line
Jay Ruzesky 100-101
John Steffler, That Night We Were Ravenous
Marlene Cookshaw 102-103
Carole Corbeil, In the Wings
Barbara Lambert 103-105
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Patan, Nepal, 1997
Edward Bashford

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