No 122

Spring 1998

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Spring 1998
Small Song to Oneself;
Small Song for the Old Grate;

Night Song;

Aspen in Wind
Jan Zwicky 5-8
Travelling with My Father
Jan Conn 9
Lightwork in Vermeer
Anne Compton 10-11
Cook Kenny-san
Robert Sherrin 12-25
The Robins;

The Speed Bump;

David Zieroth 26-31
Eric Hill 32-33
Melanie Little 34-43
"When that blessed light was about to leave us"
Athena O. Kildegaard 44
Boynton Canyon;
Postscript to The Writes of Spring
Melinda Price Wiltshire 45-49
The Tourist
Fabio Morabito 50-56
Each to His Own
Jaime Moreno Villarreal 57-63
John Barton 64-67
The Paris Salon;
Salt Meadows
Miranda Beeson 68-69
Where the Bodies Are Kept
Barbara Lambert 70-90
At the End of This Morning
Bibiana Tomasic Kaulfuss 91
Night Fishing;
Return to the Lake House
Georgia Tiffany 92-93
Blue, Not Blue;
The Evanescence of Saint Arnolphine
Susan Glickman 94-96
Michael Crummey 97-106
Beverley Bie 107
And This Is Why I Woke You Up;
The Hanged Man
Joy Hewitt Mann 108-109
Big Study (1);
Big Study (2)
Calvin Wharton 110-111
Angels Kill Hummingbirds
Bill Gaston 112-120

Book Reviews

Mia Anderson, Practising Death;
Douglas Lochhead, All Things Do Continue: Poems of Celebration;

Susan McCaslin, Veil/Unveil
Allan Brown 121-123
Tim Bowling, Low Water Slack;
Tim Bowling, Dying Scarlet
Jay Ruzesky 123-125
Carole Glasser Langille, In Cannon Cave
Barbara Colebrook Peace 125-126
Curtis Gillespie, The Progress of an Object in Motion;
Gregor Robinson, The Dream King
Anne Fleming 126-128
Robyn Sarah, Promise of Shelter
Robert Finley 129-130
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Along Dallas Road, Victoria, BC
Francis Sullivan

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