No 140

Fall 2002

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Fall 2002
My Husband's Jump
Jessica Grant 5-9
After the Chuck Jones Tribute on Teletoon;

Kitty, Widowed;

Seryozha, Many Years Later
Sharon McCartney 10-15
Calling Card;
Toni Mirosevich 16-17
Red Pajamas
Donn Kane 18-19
Getting In Deeper;
Two Conversations About Poetry
Robyn Sarah 20-21
Elyse Friedman 22-31

Up the E6;

Approaching Vespers;

For Appetite
Lynn Davies 32-36
Désolé, seasonal;

How we care for trees in winter
Anne Compton 37-39
At Lac Nantel
George Ellenbogen 40
In Praise of Mud
Michael Johnson 41
Christopher Levenson 42
Words from a Book
Valerie Compton 43-49
from Letters from Siberia
Sophie Wadsworth 50-57
Morning Pictures
Jacqueline McLean 58-59
The Body Tattoo of World History
Anne Simpson 60-62
Suzy Saretsky
Kelly Cooper 63-73
Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton;
Girl at a Lattice;

The Reader;

The Convalescent;

Portrait of the Daughters of Sir Matthew Decker, Bart
Gordon Mason 74-79
Early Childhood Education
Maureen Scott Harris 80-82
Crazy Love
Ian C. Smith 83
Between Socks and Shirts
Sheila Stewart 84
Anne F. Walker 85
Eric Trethewey 86
At eighteen months;
Sleep Poem
Desmond Graham 87-89
Signs of Secret Life
Carol Fitzgerald 90-107

Book Reviews

Stephanie Bolster, Pavilion
Jay Ruzesky 108-109
Carla Funk, Head Full of Sun
Sara Cassidy 109-112
Richard Van Camp, Angel Wing Splash Pattern
Lucy Bashford 112-113
Lynn Coady, Saints of Big Harbour
Carol Matthews 113-115
Lisa Moore, Open
Tom Howell 116-117
Russell Smith, The Princess and the Whiskheads
Eric Miller 117-119
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Panel 1, Sightlines
Wanda Koop

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