No 139

Summer 2002

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Summer 2002
Big Bend
Dan Leone 5-47
"The Drunken Lovely Bird";
Spring Thaw;


Sue Sinclair 48-51
Prescribed burn;
Vernal equinox;

Lost wax, midwinter
George Sipos 52-55
David Waltner-Toews 56
Near Faffle, Near Faff
Patrick Warner 57
Autumn Fires
Tom Wayman 58-59
Jane Southwell Munro 60
Gillian Jerome 61
frame: poem for my father
Matt Robinson 62-63
from Ghost Maps
Erin Noteboom 64-73
Sue MacLeod 74-76
I Love You
Evelyn Lau 77
Three Years
Emily Schultz 78-79
Doing Things His Way
Knute Skinner 80
They Gave Me Their Piano
Moberley Luger 81
The Suitcase
Carmine Starnino 82-83
Kevin Ducey 84-86
Searching for Wallenberg
Isa Milman 87
What the Three Hags of the Potato Cellar Said;
Late October, on the Way to Emerald Square Mall
Dieter Weslowski 88-89
Gorky in the Adirondacks;
Stuart Friebert 90-91
An Opening
John Reibetanz 92-95
The Weight
Adam Chiles 96-97
An ABC of Belly Work
Peter Richardson 98-100
Lorri Neilsen Glenn 101
The Wedding Photo
Patricia Hanley 102
Amanda Jernigan 103
The Hive, or Field Trip to an Apiary
Madeline Bassnett 104-105
Mark Samcoe 106-107
Jan Conn 108-109
A Boys' Own, with Queen
John Barton 110-111

Book Reviews

Sina Queyras, Slip
Sara Cassidy 112-114
Karen Solie, Short Haul Engine
Sue Sinclair 114-116
Rhea Tregebov, The Strength of Materials
Mitchell Parry 117-118
Keith Harrison, ed., Islands West: Stories from the Coast
Jay Ruzesky 118-119
Sheila Peters, Tending the Remnant Damage
Lucy Bashford 120-121
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Cover Art

The image depicts a honeybee working on one line of the poem Di Brandt wrote for the Bees.
Aganetha Dyck

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