No 138

Spring 2002

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Spring 2002
Small Comfort
Jacqueline Baker 5-20
Believing the First Words You Hear;
When at First the Doubt Appears;

Eastern Hardwoods;

Cedar Canvas
Adam Dickinson 21-27
Autumn Pantoum
Sandy Shreve 28-29
After getting the test results;
Time Change;


Beloved Grotesque;

Jill MacLean 30-39
Ramona Dearing 40-48
Pawley's Landing, South Carolina
Leanne McIntosh 49
The Lifter
Esther Mazakian 50-51
Step on the Moon
Jean Kane 52-53
High Diver
Anita Lahey 54-55
Katherine Sandford 56-57
Agitated Sky Etiology
Sylvia Legris 58-61
Julianne Ortale 62-73
Prologue to Notes on the Stomack
Ken Howe 74-75
My Tattooist;

Rob Desjardins 76-79
John Diamond-Nigh 80
Kim Hyo-Sung
Chris Weagle 81
The Bubble's Hold
Hamish Guthrie 82-83
Raptor Care Centre
Kelly Terwilliger 84
Joseph of Arimathea
Dan MacIsaac 85-87
Church Organist
Kevin McNeilly 88-89
Cornelia Haeussler 90-93
Susanne Kort 94
Gavin Bryars' Boots
Faro Annie Sullivan 95
Today, After the Rain;
Diane Reid 96-97
Health. Khailitha. The state of being whole.
Kathy Mac 98-100
Oil Paint
Bill Stenson 101-114

Book Reviews

Maxine Gadd, Fire in the Cove
Daphne Marlatt 115-116
Barb Howard, Whipstock
Lucy Bashford 116-117
Yann Martel, Life of Pi
Jay Ruzesky 118-120
Robert Strandquist, The Inanimate World
Michael Kenyon 120-121
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Les Cosmos, 1998
Pierre Dorion

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