No 128

Fall 1999

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Fall 1999
Eleanor Wachtel, Adam Phillips 5-30
After the lunar eclipse my neighbour says something in Chinese
Paul Tyler 31
William Aiken 32
Coming back from town
Sina Queyras 33
For the Short Haul
Karen Solie 34-35
What They Share
Maxianne Berger 36-37
H. Mel Malton 38-44
Burial of a Signature
Marjorie Power 45
Sonic Boom;

The Sound
Alice Friman 46-51
Take My Picture
Jan Short 52-59
Esther Mazakian 60-61
With My Father Building a Radio
Alekseï Kazúk 62-63
Climbing Lessons
Aislinn Hunter 64-65
The Cancer Sonnets
Kim Bridgford 66-73
A Certain Distance from the Station
Anita Olachea Bucci 74-75
Summat Else
Royston Tester 76-84
Eden; or, Lucas, Kansas
Kevin Rabas 85-87
Bridget Wayland 88-91
Doves of Townsend
Timothy Taylor 92-112

Book Reviews

Ken Babstock, Mean;
Barbara Klar, The Blue Field;

Paul Wilson, The Long Landscape;

Jan Zwicky, Songs for Relinquishing the Earth
Sharon McCartney 113-118
Susan Goyette, The True Names of Birds
Kelly Parsons 118-120
Lesley-Anne Bourne, The Bubble Star
Andrea Sharman 120-121
Dionne Brand, At the Full and Change of the Moon
Jay Ruzesky 121-122
Michael Winter, One Last Good Look
Lorna Jackson 122-124
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Chargé I, 1997
Arnaud Maggs

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