No 136

Fall 2001

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Fall 2001
Simon Korner 5-13
Simon Korner 14-22
from The Startled Heart
Eve Joseph 23-28
Right Here
Rachel Vigier 29
A Natural History of Surprise;
Infelix simulacrum
Crispin Elsted 30-35
Night Window;
Hermit Crab;

Mid-life Crisis
Derk Wynand 36-40
Darwin's Tao;
Learning About Horror
Jocko Benoit 41-43
Listening to My Mother on the Phone From Upstairs;
When I Left That Other Port;

Duncan Street
Erin Bidlake 44-46
We Are Private People
Helen Stathopulos 47
What Remains
Cathy Stonehouse 48-49
Tom Wayman 50-51
Looking for Something;
Anna Swanson 52-53
Carrying Ash
Eric Paul Shaffer 54
Between You and Me
Jane Woodland 55
The Rapist
Donald Hays 56-69
Robinson's Crossing;

Jan Zwicky 70-79
Darkness Turns;
Michael Crummey 80-81
Ruth Roach Pierson 82-83
Too Close to Niagara
M. Travis Lane 84-85
Who I Am
Sue Wheeler 86-87
from Then Again
Iain Higgins 88-91
Days Without Daylight
Grant Sheppard 92
Waitress I Never Knew
David Cavanagh 93
And If She Moved like Jazz Trumpets
M.E. Mutch 94-95
Ann Scowcroft 96
Being Famous
Leah Postman 97-106

Book Reviews

Gary Geddes, ed., 15 Canadian Poets x 3, 4th edition
Brian Bartlett 107-110
A.F. Moritz, Conflicting Desire
Eric Miller 110-113
P.K. Page and Philip Stratford, And Once More Saw the Stars;
Pain Not Bread, Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei
Kelly Parsons 113-118
Michael Redhill, Martin Sloane;
Michael Redhill, Light-crossing
Jay Ruzesky 118-120
Jan Thornhill, Drought and Other Stories
Lucy Bashford 120-122
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La Poléon, 2001
Katherine Knight

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