No 137

Winter 2001

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Winter 2001
Mount Appetite
Bill Gaston 5-25
Foot-doctor for the Homeless;
The Sonographer
Brian Bartlett 26-29
The Reconnaissance Mission
Margo Button 30-31
The Misanthropy of Horizon;
The Geologist to His Daughter
Eric Barstad 32-34
Slow Cure
David Seymour 35
What do you call;
Soccer, Fall
George Sipos 36-40
Elizabeth Rhett Woods 41
Ice Cream;
The Body Snatchers
Jeff Worley 42-45
The Melting
Virgil Suarez 46-47
Boy Lost in Wild
Brenda Hasiuk 48-55
During the Spring Dandelion Rush in Irvine, California;
Roseanne S. Carrara 56-61
from Prayers For and After Rain
Gerald Hill 62-63
Wild Grass
Elizabeth Bachinsky 64
Late Bloomer;
If Roberta Bondar Were My Mother
Jennica Harper 65-67
Veiled Looking Glass;

Catherine Greenwood 68-73
Under the Pepper Trees
Athena Kildegaard 74
Making the Day Endure
Hugh Ogden 75
Saturday Afternoon;

Toronto Skyline
Sue Sinclair 76-78
David Zieroth 79
Leo, Jr. McKay 80-81
Shooting the Little Bear;

Love Poem Disguised as Carpentry
Jeanette Lynes 82-84
How the Dead Live
Patricia Fargnoli 85
Tilley suffers from rats;
Lucy, the last polar bear at city zoo
Charles Gregory 86-88
Virgin and Child
Jake Kennedy 89
The Daughters of Hefei
Kristin Lord 90-91
The Stylist
Lisa Moore 92-101
If You're There
Lisa Moore 102-111

Book Reviews

Tim Bowling, Darkness and Silence;
Mark Sinnett, Some Late Adventure of the Feelings
Karen Solie 112-114
Susan McCaslin, Flying Wounded
Sharon McCartney 115-117
Barbara Colebrook Peace, Kyrie;
Sue Sinclair, Secrets of Weather & Hope;

Sue Stenson, Could Love a Man
Hannah Main-Van der Kamp 117-120
Charles Foran, House on Fire
Steve Noyes 120-123
Gayla Reid, All the Seas of the World
Robert Finley 123-124
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Big Tom, Rough Tom, 2001
Cliff Eyland

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