No 134

Spring 2001

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Spring 2001
The Little Addict That Could
Bill Gaston 5-16
Susan McCaslin 17
The Fishing Poem
Marilyn Belak 18-21
clearing 2;
clearing 3;

clearing 4
Patrick Friesen 22-27
Déjà vu;
The Garden and a Man
Gdr Guenther 28-29
Elizabeth, swelling
John Terpstra 30-31
Billy Fine
Stephen, Jr. Morison 32-38
Dieter Weslowski 39
Lines for Elora Gorge;
Ten-Day Poem for Saskatchewan
David Seymour 40-41
Leaving New Brunswick
Jan Zwicky 42-45
Suffolk Sheep
Elizabeth Smither 46
Hannah Grant 47
Lets Fall in Love
Gordon Cavenaile 48-59
Poem for the Unknown
Colin Morton 60-65
My Father Plowing
Lewis Horne 66-67
Clambake 1973
Tammy Armstrong 68
At 55mph
Ryan G. Van Cleave 69
Of Feet
Wendy MacIntyre 70-75
From Salzburg to Vienna
Drew Pautz 76-77
DArcy Wendworth Thompson
Bert Almon 78-79
Holland Landing
Barry Dempster 80
The Yard
Deanna Yonge 81
Hearts for the Taking
Rhoda Janzen 82
Nadine McInnis 83
skin photograph
Matt Robinson 84-85
Postcard from Hospital;

Paddy Bushe 86-88
Tending the Remnant Damage
Sheila Peters 89-103

Book Reviews

Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband
Eric Miller 104-106
Don Coles, Kurgan
Christopher Wiseman 106-109
Helen Humphreys, Anthem
Mitchell Parry 109-111
Bill Gaston, The Good Body
Lucy Bashford 111-113
Barbara Lambert, A Message for Mr Lazarus
Tom Howell 113-115
Leona Theis, Sightlines
Carol Matthews 115-117
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Le jardin du sommeil
Spring Hurlbut

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