No 130

Spring 2000

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Spring 2000
Two Cups
Sam Difalco 5-16
Die Bettlerschale 51
Christine Lavant 17
The Word for ai
M.F. Tierney 18-23
When You Left
Zoë Landale 24
There Are No Lines in Nature
Beverley Bie 25
Dorothea Grünzweig 26-27
Death is coming for tea
Cornelia C. Hornosty 28
Intelligent Life: Elegy;
Elegy for the Sparrow
Rhea Tregebov 29-31
The World to Come
Rona Altrows 32-37
Man Praying
Barry Dempster 38-39
Hudson Hallucinates a Final Letter Home
Benjamin Scott Grossberg 40-43
The astronauts are waking up;
Injured Swan in High Park;

Photograph of an Old Room
David Seymour 44-46
Mitchell Parry 47
Haircut, Age Eleven
Laisha Rosnau 48
Mark Cochrane 49-51
Kenneth Fraser 52-69
Century Baby, 1904
Elisabeth Harvor 70
Attempt at the Past
Adrienne Ho 71
The Reliquary;
The Girl
Nancy Holmes 72-73
The Man with a Hand Transplant;
Two Knees Touching
Donna Kane 74-75
Alpay K. Ulku 76
Search for Intelligent Life;
Good News;

Mike Puican 77-79
Horn Gate;


Evan Jones 80-81
A Walk in Paradise
Libby Creelman 82-93
Leanne McIntosh 94
First Rhymes;
Mapping the South;

Indiana Harbor, Michigan Shoreline, 4:30 p.m.
Beth Simon 95-97
Woman with a Tray--Breakfast;
Madam Baron and Mademoiselle Popo;

Reclining Woman--Weariness
Sandy Shreve 98-99
Elise Partridge 100
Hors de Combat
Randall Silvis 101
Susan Gillis 102-103
Girl at the River;
The Exit
Robert King 104-106
Mirrors in Mexico;
Any Room We Enter;

Feeding Patterns of Bluejays
Jeanette Lynes 107-109
Biographies of Writers: a Partisan View
Don Coles 110-114

Book Reviews

Terence Young, The Island in Winter
Kelly Parsons 115-116
Warren Cariou, The Exhaulted Company of Roadside Martyrs
Robert Finley 117-118
Stephen Henighan, North of Tourism
Michael Kenyon 118-120
Christian Petersen, Let the Day Perish
Lorna Jackson 120-121
Daniel MacIvor, Marion Bridge
Jay Ruzesky 122-123
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Augur, 1996
Colette Urban

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