No 135

Summer 2001

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Summer 2001
Alice Major 5-25
Fishblood Sky
Sylvia Legris 26-34
from Funeral Diary
John O'Neill 35-40
Did you see them dancing between us just now?;
On the Land;

Margo Button 41-44
A Response: Letter from the Dead;
No Shoes
Patricia Young 45-52
Tom Abray 53-63
Canadian Sleep
Kathleen McCracken 64-69
That Amsterdam
Maggie Helwig 70-72
Elk Baby
John Donlan 73
Between God and Evil;
Fitting the Kids for Shoes
Susan Glickman 74-75
Nancy Ross 76
James Norcliffe 77
King of the Amazon;

The Curious Waistcoat of the Armadillo
Jan Conn 78-80
Mansfield Park
Sharon McCartney 81
Things That Might Prevent You From Hanging;
Sinking Quilts;

Harbour Flags
Anita Lahey 82-86
The Bucket
Angela Embree 87
Results Pending
Timothy Houghton 88-89
Robyn Sarah 90-91
Rick Taylor 92-93
Alex the God
Robert Mullen 94-116

Book Reviews

John Mackenzie, Sledgehammer and Other Poems
Karen Solie 117-119
Douglas Burnet Smith, The Killed;
Heather Spears, Required Readings: A witness in words and drawings to the Reena Virk Trials 1998-2000
Mitchell Parry 119-123
P.K. Page, A Kind of Fiction
Lucy Bashford 123-125
Madeleine Thien, Simple Recipes;
Terence Young, Rhymes with Useless
Joan Givner 125-128
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Julia Mustard, 1975
Arnaud Maggs

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