No 143

Summer 2003

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Summer 2003
from Home is Paris, 1959
Jesse Lee Kercheval 5-18
Neil Smith 19-28
The Orchestre du Conservatoire Rehearses in Salle St-Sulpice
Robyn Sarah 29
loon loon loon;
Spring Night in Caledon
Michael Reynolds 30-31
After a week of sightings;
The Contraptions;

Eggs Ride Last in Italy
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi 32-35
How I lost;
I sang today
Terrence Heath 36-37
Picking Up the Kids
Terrence Young 38-43
What Gets Me Where I'm Going
Joe Denham 44-45
Dear Jack Kerouac
A. Mary Murphy 46
Stealing Flowers
Gavin O'Neill 47-69
Olaus Magnus, Carta Marina
Ann Fisher-Wirth 70-100
Hold Tight
Carolyn Norberg 101-106
Roseanne S. Carrara 107-121

Book Reviews

Tim Lilburn, Kill-site
Mitchell Parry 122-123
Maurice Mierau, Ending with Music
Sara Cassidy 124-126
Sean Johnston, A Day Does Not Go By;
Darryl Whetter, A Sharp Tooth in the Fur
Joan Givner 126-130
Melanie Little, Confidence
Fiona Foster 130-131
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