No 144

Fall 2003

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Fall 2003
Editor's Note
Marlene Cookshaw 5
Editor's Note
Lorna Jackson 6
Love Labours: Notes on Reviewing
Stan Dragland 7-19
All Reviews Are Mistaken
Eric Miller 20-22
True Confessions: An Email Debate on Perfectly Agreeable Books and Other Perils of the Trade
Bert Archer 23-34
What's a Review Supposed to Do?
Annabel Lyon 35
Fog Collection
Tamas Dobozy 36-51
On Receiving a Bad Review or No Review at All
Fred Stenson 52-53
The Ethics of the Negative Review
Jan Zwicky 54-63
Disconnection and Its Contents
Robert Bringhurst 64
Reading, Seduction, and the Passionate Reviewer
Lynne Van Luven 65-74
The Reviewer as Listener
Kevin McNeilly 75-76
John Burns 77
On Book Reviewing: In Recovery
Douglas Glover 78-80
What's a Review Supposed to Do?
Robyn Sarah 81
A Saucerful of Tawdry Secrets Typed Too Quickly While Listening to Godspeed and "Vacuum Cleaner" by Tintern Abbey
Mark Anthony Jarman 82-84
On Being a Writer Who Is Also a Reviewer
Michelle Berry 85-87
Somebody Paying Attention: Reviewing, the Intellectual, and the Region
John Lent 88-91
Homo economicus
Robert Dessaix 92-97
What's a Review Supposed to Do?
Hilary Mantel 98
Hallelujah for Books in Translation
Carol Matthews 99-102
The Chirp Bird on the Rhinoceros
Stephen Smith 103-106
A Desire to Live by Words: An email interview with Lorna Jackson
James Wood 107-113
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