No 146

Spring 2004

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Spring 2004
The Beast Waters His Garden of a Summer's Eve
Bill Gaston 5-22
November Parting Disassembly Ensuing Adulterous Storm of January Ice; Missileman
Esther Mazakian 23-25
By way of e e cummings #85 "but if a look should april me"
David Elias 26-27
The Ice Bird;
The Clam Diggers;


The Doubled Pear;

A Wedding Poem
Ross Leckie 28-34
Susanne Kort 35
To Pembroke, for Groceries
Ben Hart 36-43
Petite Mal;
B & E
Elizabeth Bachinsky 44-45
The Support Group
Adrian Bond 46
Lost Wingnut in VGH BMT Ward
Kim Clark 47
The Still Not Invisible Woman;
Jim's Memory
John Grey 48-49
Chepo, Panama;
Small Ceremonies
Rhea Tregebov 50-52
On a Path Behind the Hotel;
Midnight, and Mid-Ocean;

Willow Trees, By Killarney Channel
Douglas Lepan 53-58
Note to the Poems
John Barton 59
The Mechanics of Love
Andrew Gray 60-65
Fish Rapture
Jeanne Emmons 66-67
In Her Velvet Dress;
Deanna Young 68-69
My Mother Ironing
Bernadette Rule 70-71
The First Words
David Gravender 72-73
Meet My Family;
Galileo Serving Homemade Wine
Patricia Young 74-75
The Maimed Mechanic;
The Blind Nurse
David Zieroth 76-77
Caprice for Violin
Mike Smith 78-79
A. Jane Hamilton 80-90

Book Reviews

Gil Adamson, Ashland
Shane Neilson 91-92
Lynn Crosbie, Missing Children
Eric Miller 92-93
Lorna Crozier, Bones in their Wings
Jay Ruzesky 93-94
Sharon McCartney, Karenin Sings the Blues
Jay Ruzesky 94-95
David Manicom, The Burning Eaves
Shane Neilson 95-98
Catherine Owen, The Wrecks of Eden
Anita Lahey 98-100
Mary Swan, Emma's Hands
Mike Matthews 100-103
Emily Carr, Opposite Contraries: The Unknown Journals of Emily Carr and Other Writings
Lily Iona MacKenzie 103-105
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Peripherum View III, 1996
Will Gorlitz

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