No 148

Fall 2004

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Fall 2004
Jacqueline Baker 5-15
Lesley-Anne Bourne 16-20

Jody Lesiuk 21-23
This is my body
Charmaine Cadeau 24
Sarah's Coat
Kate Hall 25
Burlap Coat with a Red Velvet Lining
Ruth Roach Pierson 26
When I Used to Wake
Marilyn Bowering 27
Outside in the window of the world
Yvonne Blomer 28
Pin Girl
Larry Brown 29-38
cereus cactus, allan gardens
Warren Heiti 39
Hadrian's Dream;
You and I at the Rapids
Anne Szumigalski 40-42
Thule Explorer
Rosemary Clewes 43-49
Stravinsky, First Day of Winter, 2003
Michael Debeyer 50
The Studies of Fernando Sor
Paul Headrick 51-64
Sheryda Warrener 65
All the Train Trips;
An Offer of Warmth;

Thumbnail Biographies
Brian Bartlett 66-71
Pig Auction
Benjamin Scott Grossberg 72-74
Dwarf Star
Gerald Lynch 75-81

Book Reviews

Roo Borson, Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida
Jay Ruzesky 82
Melanie Cameron, Wake
Tanis MacDonald 83-85
Barry Dempster, The Words Wanting Out: Poems Selected and New
Anna Adamek 85-88
Stan Rogal, < sub rosa >
Tanis MacDonald 88-90
Sue Sinclair, Mortal Arguments
Mitchell Parry 90-91
Geoffrey Bromhead, Struck
Jay Ruzesky 92
Natalee Caple, Mackerel Sky
Lynne Van Luven 92-94
Kelly Cooper, Eyehill
Lucy Bashford 95-96
Hiromi Goto, Hopeful Monsters
L. Chris Fox 96-98
David Stouk, Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography
Eric Miller 99-101
Jan Zwicky, Wisdom and Metaphor
David R. Jarraway 101-103
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Frida, 1990-1991
Lius Merino

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