No 149

Winter 2004

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Winter 2004
The Riddles of Aramaic
Elise Levine 5-17
The Archaic Body
Catherine Owen 18-19
A Chemical History;
A Body of Too Many Spines;

Kingdom, Phylum, Class
Adam Dickinson 20-23
Brianna Brash-Nyberg 24
New Tree
Dore Kiesselbach 25
People Are Tearing Things Down;
Vivé Griffith 26-28
Seven Ways into Chandigarh
Barbara Romanik 29-39
Sestina for the Sweater
Barbara Nickel 40-45
The Seamstress' Love Poem
C. Michelle Deines 46-47
Judith Pond 48
Blackberry Wine
Russell Thorton 49
We Are Really Happy;

S.E. Venart 50-53
Knock, Knock
JC Bellringer 54
This Way, Cowboy
Ian Bullock 55-66
Jenny Amber 67
Water Birth;
Richard Harrison 68-69
Shane Rhodes 70-73
Community Picnic, at the Lookoff
Deirdre Dwyer 74-75
How You Lived
Pamela Porter 76-77

Book Reviews

Chris Banks, Bonfires
Jay Ruzesky 78
Mary Dalton, Merrybegot
Tanis MacDonald 78-80
Susan Glickman, Running in Prospect Cemetery: New and Selected Poems
Anita Lahey 80-83
Sue Goyette, Undone
Jay Ruzesky 83
Sue MacLeod, That Singing You Hear at the Edges
Martin Wallace 84-86
Souvankham Thammavongsa, Small Arguments
Warren Heiti 86-90
Mike Barnes, Contrary Angel
Candace Fertile 90-92
Ramona Dearing, So Beautiful
Jay Ruzesky 92
John Metcalf, Standing Stones: The Best Stories of John Metcalf
Carol Matthews 93-95
Cordelia Strube, Blind Night
Devin Krukoff 95-97
Alberto Manguel, With Borges
Mike Matthews 97-99
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Charles Malinsky

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